Every day, with Pride, we raise our hearts to the bold and the bright as they celebrate not just who they love but how they grew to fully love themselves.

To honor Pride, we’ve donated to GLAAD, the leading media advocacy organization working to accelerate LGBTQ acceptance. Together, we can create a world where every person can love as they are.

Shine Your Light

We asked our boldest & brightest friends from the LGBTQ community to share their journey towards their true selves, messages for young queers, and thoughts on the community’s progress.

Wear Your Pride.
Nicholas (he/him)
Jenson (he/him)


“No one is doing it better than [our community]. The crucible of oppression has forged us into one that is undeniably vibrant and vital, and time and time again we have proven that light inextinguishable. Generation after generation of LGBTQ+ have stood on each other’s shoulders and dang we are getting tall.”

Christopher (they/she/he)


“As a Black non-binary being, I’ve always believed that loving up on my melanated, magical self is truly a radical and revolutionary act. One of the ways I love up on me is allowing myself the freedom to express myself and one of those creative outlets is fashion. Accessorize, glamorize your magical self because you deserve it. Strut into your fierceness, hunny!”

Ginny Lemon (they/them)


“Personally, I am most proud of coming out and talking about being Non-Binary on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK with my good friend Bimini Bon Boulash, this was the first time in British TV history that two non-binary people have spoken about their feelings, experiences and shared their coming out stories. Raising awareness about non-binary life is my personal proudest moment to date.“

Patrick (he/him)

“I feel the biggest way I can create change for future generations of little Black, LGBTQIA+ humans is by showing them that no matter where you come from, you can go anywhere you put your mind to. Since a child, I’ve dreamt of traveling the world and even though it didn’t seem feasible given the circumstances of life, I never stopped dreaming, pushing the boundaries, and exploring myself and the world. And you shouldn’t either.”

Ebony (she/her)
Denise (she/her)


“The message we would like to share and encourage with our community is that the life they envision living is in fact possible. With hope, it opens your heart and mind to believe anything is possible. What you believe, you can become. Do not let anyone make you feel or believe that you can not achieve your life goals.”

Raja (she/they/him)


“I can showcase who I am, who I am proud to be, and how
comfortable I am in who I am today. To see the rainbow flags, the trans flag just makes everything so much brighter and colorful and it just allows me to feel more proud.”

Tika the Iggy (she/her)


“Even though there’s still much work to be done, I’m so proud of the progress the LGBTQ+ community has made. Just seeing my dads being visible living their dream as parents to my younger brother is amazing progress and will help inspire the younger generation.”

Makena (she/her)
Gabriella (n/a)

“It was really the rave community that gave me the confidence to be authentically me and that I was enough. I broke away from the mental chains that kept me uncomfortably comfortable for so long. Since then, I have been living my truth as a queer woman and loving every moment of it!”

— Gabriella