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Comfortable Shoes for Chefs

What Kind of Shoes Do Chefs Wear?

Chefs and culinary experts needs shoes with comfortable insoles and a non-slip sole for maximum comfort and traction while on slippery kitchen floors. Some Chefs may even need to meet dress code requirements such as all black shoes. Looking for a shoe that meets these standards? Chefs work smarter and with comfort with chef shoes from Crocs. Our comfortable kitchen shoes are designed to lessen the stress of long working days by relieving pressure on your feet, legs and back. These shoes are perfect for working in restaurant and kitchen environments.

Chef shoes aren’t just for cooks and culinary experts. They are comfortable, ergonomic, and made for food service, hospitality, and health care workers too. Waiters and waitresses, bartenders and baristas agree, Crocs kitchen shoes give you all you need in an on-the-job shoe. Built with lightweight Croslite™ material for a comfy fit that forms to the foot, these shoes are easy to clean, and odor-resistant. Find the best kind of shoes chefs love to wear inside the kitchen or out at Crocs.

Looking for slip-resistant shoes? Crocs comfortable chef feature Crocs Lock™ tread for slip-resistance that exceeds industry standards.

Product Reviews & Ratings

5 out of 5 stars

So in love with crocs Review of Bistro Pro LiteRide™ Graphic Clog by Tanaphan

Really happy with this purchase
Tanaphan - Undisclosed - Oct 09, 2021
5 out of 5 stars

Yes I would buy again Review of Womens Neria Pro II LiteRide™ Clog by Queen

Perfect fit!!
Queen - Undisclosed - Sep 08, 2021
5 out of 5 stars

Comfy! Review of Bistro Pro LiteRide™ Clog by Nhoelle

I bought these since I'm on my feet 8hrs/day 5 days/week. I've had Skechers that used to be comfy but are no longer. And it seems that the new models that Skechers have are not as comfy whether from width or cushion. I wasn't sure if these could handle my work load. But so far, almost a month of wearing them, my feet feel better! I can do my work without having the soles of my feet hurt from standing all day. They have a lot of room for your toes (I have small feet 4'9 100lbs). The size 6 is still a little long in the heel area. But the Velcro straps helps keep these from slipping in the back. And I can adjust easily if I wear thicker socks. Overall, these are great for working in the hospital.
Nhoelle - Undisclosed - Sep 07, 2021
5 out of 5 stars

Back pain is better Review of Bistro Pro LiteRide™ Graphic Clog by Liz

I often get lower back pain at work. I have spent plenty of money trying different types of shoes. Finally, I can do my job, 12 hours, without too much discomfort. I will definitely misjudge Crocs. Hooray!!
Liz - Undisclosed - Sep 07, 2021
5 out of 5 stars

Yes Review of Crocs On-The-Clock LiteRide™ Slip-On by Lloyd

Perfect fit great comfort
Lloyd - Undisclosed - Sep 07, 2021
5 out of 5 stars

I would buy this product again!!! Review of Bistro Pro LiteRide™ Clog by Vanessa

Great!!!! love the new insoles!!
Vanessa - Undisclosed - Sep 06, 2021