Stance BT X Crocs Classic Clog

Stance BT X Crocs Classic Clog
Item #207941

The Stance X B. Thom X Crocs Classic Clog is covered from heel to toe in B. Thom’s high-contrast, hand-painted aesthetic. Inspired by his grandmother’s quilts and the organic floral patterns they contain, B. Thom wanted to make these Classics stand out—even in a garden blooming with flowers or uncut grass. A firm believer in bringing the art studio out with you to wherever you might be, his custom Jibbitz™ charms are functional tools for the plein-air painter in all of us.

Stance X B Details:

  • Custom floral stencil pattern Classic Clog
  • Includes exclusive B. Thom Jibbitz™ charms
  • Includes a pair of B. Thom socks from Stance
  • Incredibly light and fun to wear
  • Water-friendly and buoyant; weighs only ounces
  • Ventilation ports add breathability and help shed water and debris
  • Easy to clean and quick to dry
  • Pivoting heel straps with a custom message on the back
  • Iconic Crocs Comfort™: Lightweight. Flexible. 360-degree comfort.