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ROA_Crocs. 2023 collection.

fig. 01. Mellow Clog.

Pre-hike or post-hike the ROA x Crocs Mellow Clog has all the comfort you expect from Crocs combined with the design approach of the innovative Italian footwear brand ROA. This Clog will make your feet melt into the footbed. So much so you might even keep them on for the hike itself.

Crafted by humans. Designed for Earth and beyond.
fig. 01. Mellow Clog.

Marrying comfort and utility, the All-Terrain Atlas Clog pays tribute to the untamed slopes of Forcella della Roa. Designed to withstand mud, scrapes, and scuffs, this is less of a shoe and more of an invitation to get out and explore outdoor spaces.