Hocus Pocus

Reappearing for a Limited Time…

Our mesmerizing Disney Hocus Pocus Collection is back, but not for long. Bring your unique style to life in a pair of these one-of-a-kind clogs.

Conjure Up A Pair.

Spellbinding Spellbinding Style

By light of a full moon, our Classic Clogs have transformed into an All Hallow’s Eve masterpiece complete with ombre glitter and Disney Hocus Pocus rivets.

Spellbinding Style

Brew Up

Brew Up Some Charms Brew Up Some Charms

Each limited-edition pair features a mesmerizing collection of Jibbitz™ charms plus room for even more of your favorites.

Hocus Pocus Classic Clogs and Charms Hocus Pocus Classic Clogs and Charms
Awake Your Style.

Explore Even More Style...

Curate your own mystical look when you mix and match your favorite clogs and Jibbitz™ charms.. Explore More Collabs.

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