Get Crafty
With Crocs

Want to have some fun without going out? We’ve rounded up all sorts of family activities and DIY projects you can do together any day of the week. Girl painting Crocs. Go all Van Gogh and let your kids create a brand-new design on their clogs. (Be sure to share on social media!)

Jibbitz Word Search.

Jibbitz™ Word Search and unscramble.

Challenge your family to a Jibbitz™ word search and word unscramble to see who can complete them all first.

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Charms Coloring Pages.

Charms Coloring Page.

Dream up a new color scheme for our popular Jibbitz™ charms with our printable coloring pages.

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jibbitz™ challenge.

How quickly can you pop a Jibbtiz™ charm into your shoes? Challenge your family!