Our Favorite Destinations to Travel with Crocs

An inspiring look at the places Crocs employees are visiting and the styles they’re packing to maximize the adventure.

“I’ve wanted to go Serengeti National Park in Tanzania since I was kid, and getting so close to the elephants, giraffes and lions was a dream come true. On my safari I was very limited on luggage space, so I decided to pack my incredibly lightweight and versatile Crocs Isabella Sandals. After long days out spotting wildlife, they were perfect for sharing stories around the campfire and basking on the beaches of Zanzibar.”

Kirsten M., Global Marketing Manager


“I’ve never left North America, so I booked myself a 10-day trip this February to Reykjavík, Paris, and London. I plan on packing my Chelsea Rain Boot for a cute, waterproof daytime shoe, and my Leigh Wedge Chelsea Boot for a stylish and comfortable evening shoe. Bonus? Both pairs are super light and won’t weigh down my suitcase, which means I’ll have more space for souvenirs!”

Dominique B., senior digital designer


“My friends and I spent six days in the Yellowstone backcountry this summer. After long days of hiking and gear hauling, slipping into the uber-comfortable Classic Clog was the best way to unwind around the campsite. They also dried super quickly, which made river crossings enjoyable. You can’t go wrong with all of the fun colors, too — there’s something for every adventurer.”

Caitlin B., email Marketing Specialist

Crocs Classic Fuzz-Lined Clogs


“Every winter my wife and I take our 7-year old son skiing in Colorado for a week. Between the ski boots and the cold snowy mountains, our feet will be in need of serious soothing. We all pack our warm and cozy Classic Fuzz-Lined clogs. They’re perfect for relaxing after a day of skiing or running from the condo to the hot tub.”

Ben S., Digital art director