Celebrate Croctober our month. your celebration.

Jibbitz™ for Days (Literally).
Countdown To Croc Day

Croctober box.

The Jibbitz calendar is sold out online, but it's still available in stores! Check your local Crocs retailer and grab your calendar today!

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Croctober box.

How does this work?

  • There are special Jibbitz™ charms
    for each day of Croctober
  • Each number represents the day of
    the month, so #1 = Croctober 1st
  • On that day, open the specific door(s)
  • When there are multiple doors with
    the same number, open all the doors)
  • Only open 1 day at a time until you
    get to Croc Day!

Croctober 23rd is Croc Day

Croctober 23rd is Croc Day.

The height of Croctober. The ultimate day for Crocs fans to celebrate. But, what exactly happens on Croc Day? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see...