Actress Natalie Dormer in Women's LiteRide Sandal.

I explore.

Melon / White.

Women's LiteRide™ Sandal

Fashion-forward and comfortable, the LiteRide™ Collection was designed to keep you looking and feeling fabulous.

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See how Natalie Dormer gets comfortable in her own shoes.

literide™ for women
Sink Into Softness

Women's LiteRide™ Sandal

LiteRide for Women

literide™ for men
Warm-Up, Cool-DownComfort

Men's LiteRide™ Pacer

LiteRide™ for Men

literide™ for kids
kid-ready style

Poppy / White.

Kid's LiteRide™ Clog

Kids’ LiteRide™ Clog.
Technology of the LiteRide™ Clog. 40% softer, 25% lighter, 100% amazing LiteRide™ LiteRide™ Equal Parts Science and Magic

When LiteRide™ foam iscompared to classic Croslite™ foam.