Men's Crocs Reviva™ Flip

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    Men's Crocs Reviva™ Flip
    Item #205715

    Refreshingly Comfortable

    Reenergize and put more bounce in your days with the Crocs Reviva™ Collection of sandals, flips and slides. Foot-map engineered to deliver all-day comfort, Crocs Reviva™ footbeds feature bliss-inducing bubbles that massage with every step and provide that spa-visit afterglow while you're on the go. They're the perfect pampering companions for your daily routines, weekend escapes and the search for calm in between. Effervescent, effortless and revitalizing - Crocs Reviva™ is your first step toward sensational comfort.

    Men's Crocs Reviva™ Flip Details:

    • Crocs Reviva™ footbeds with built-in air bubbles provide bounce and a massage effect
    • Croslite™ foam construction makes them all-day comfortable and supportive
    • Incredibly light and easy to wear
    • Crocs Reviva™: Revitalizing bounce. Soothing massage. Casual comfort.
    5 out of 5 stars
    Gerrard from Virginia Beach, VA
    "I've always worn original clog Crocs but this was the first time I've ventured out and tried a different product by Crocs. These flip flops are great! They are very comfortable, the whole reason I love Crocs. They slide on and off very easily. They rinse well when I get them dirty from wearing them around my backyard and never smell bad which is a huge plus to me as my backyard is pretty muddy at times and I've ruined plenty of shoes and sandals because of it. I've worn them for full days and my feet have never been sore at the end of the day from them. There are little massaging type pads on the bottom of the flip flop that feel good against the bottom of my feet. I had never actually heard of these flip flops before recently trying them and now I am excited to see what else Crocs has to offer. I would definitely recommend these."


    A little room; feels more secure on your foot.

    Crocs Reviva™

    Add a little bounce to your day with bubbles that massage with every step.