Specialist Vent

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    Specialist Vent
    Item #10074

    The Crocs™ Specialist Vent, work shoes that let your feet breathe. With an increased metatarsal area, this clog offers additional protection for the top of your foot. A Croslite™ footbed, closed heel and raised edging around the portals make this the perfect shoe for work.

    • Designed to meet workplace standards with a closed heel.
    • Exclusive Croslite™ material conforms to foot creating a custom fit.
    • Supportive arch and tiny footbed nubs ensure all-day comfort.
    • Side ventilation ports promote airflow and are inset to protect foot from spills.
    • Thicker metatarsal area helps protect the top of the foot.
    • Loose fit allows foot to bend and expand naturally.
    • Odor resistant.
    • Simply sterilize and clean in water and bleach.

    You can personalize your Crocs™ Specialist clog with Jibbitz™ shoe charms on the straps. Combining comfort, personalization and a wide color selection makes the Crocs™ Specialist one of the most unique work shoes available.

    5 out of 5 stars
    Mama from NYC
    "Love love love these! Vents are in the right spots, rain never gets in! I am a woman, i used the conversion chart to get correct sizing info. I bought the 8 & the 9 because i wasnt sure, the 9 fits with a certain set of shoe inserts (the expensive ones where you measure your feet on a machine - great added comfort) and the 8 fits just right with no help - maybe a tiny bit too small. The 'closed' heel is barely that - closed heel is a tiny bit higher than classic croc heels. i cannot wear regular crocs at work, because they dont have a closed heel so i was glad to find these. So far management has not said anything so i wear these. If it was not for these shoes i would not be able to make it halfway through my whole 10 hour shift every night. Half sizes would have been a good idea here! As far as wear, i have worn these all day and every day for about 8 months and tread is wearing down taking away slip resistance. Thank God i bought 3 pairs! These need to be listed under "women's shoes" - i really had to search this website to find them. I have tried EVERY shoe ever deemed comfortable to no avail. Classic CROCS and these shoes are the only ones that offer relief! If your feet hurt, do not listen to anyone, try these and be happy to walk again!!! I bought expensive specialty shoes from a store where the salesman told me that crocs were bad for my feet. After trying HIS expensive (and ugly) recomendation for two weeks - my feet hurt so bad i HAD to go back to crocs. After that, no pain. The only bad thing is that i would have liked to find these in a local store rather than hit or miss on sizing through the mail. Why arent these miracle shoes in EVERY shoe store? Why oh why do foot doctors think these arent good? Why? They get kickbacks on those ridiculously expensive orthopedic foot torturing devices they sell you (175 bucks? Really?) I LOVE MY CROCS, THEY ARE COMFY AND GOOD FOR MY FEET AND MY WALLET! My feet (and my knees and back) are happy again"


    Our most generous, roomy fit.

    Iconic Crocs Comfort™

    Original Croslite™ foam cushion: Feels soft with all day support.