Lightweight Shoes for Women

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  • LiteRide, egual parts science and magic, 25% lighter, 40% softer, 100% amazing. When LiteRide™ foam is compared to classic foam.

Athleisure Shoes & Sandals for Women

Our collection of women's foam shoes from Crocs' LiteRide™ collection is made using our revolutionary closed-cell material, which manages to be softer and lighter than the traditional Croslite™ foam used in many of our other shoes. Engineered with a mix of science and magic, you're going to love how these lightweight women's shoes feel on your feet.

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What are Literide Crocs?

Equal parts science and magic, these shoes are made of our new Literide foam, which is 25% lighter and 40% softer than our traditional Croslite foam. That means you get all the classic charm and style of traditional Crocs, but with a softer and lighter experience. These foam shoes are perfect for active and athleisure wear.

Are Literide Crocs Waterproof?

Crocs Literide shoes are water resistent, but several of our styles feature holes and strappy designs, which means your feet will get wet. If you are searching for shoes to wear for water activities, we recommend checking our Crocs water shoes or sandals collections.

Can you put Jibbitz on Literide Crocs?

Crocs Literide collection isn't currently compatible with Jibbitz. If you're searching for a fully customizable look, explore our collection of clogs, sandals, and more!

Do you wear socks with Literide Crocs?

Crocs Literide shoes can be worn with or without socks depending on your preference. Since our Literide shoes are breathable and airy, we recommend socks if you're wearing them on a cold or chilly day.

How do you clean Literide Crocs?

Just like with our classic Croslite foam, we recommend cleaning Literide Crocs by hand washing or spot cleaning with mild soap and cold water. or, use your washing machines gentle cycle.

Are Literide Crocs true to size?

Crocs Literide shoes fit true to size, so no need to size up or down!

Ultra comfortable women's shoes.