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crocs water

waterproof & water-resistant footwear

Waterproof & Water-Resistant Footwear

Crocs waterproof & water-resistant shoes are designed to keep your feet dry without sacrificing your style. Crocs waterproof shoes come in a variety of silhouettes to keep you looking & feeling great in any situation. Looking for a pair of waterproof rain boots to weather any storm? Maybe you're looking for a pair of water-resistant kitchen clogs to protect against the occasional spill. Our proprietary Croslite™ material is not only super comfortable, but it's waterproof too! If you're looking for specifically waterproof styles, make sure to avoid those with holes or non-Croslite™ uppers.

product reviews & ratings



Lime green Crocks
Just got them,wild color and as always very nice feel. Will be using on the boat just like all the rest of Crock shoes.
OaksMan1 - California - Mar 04, 2015
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Kids' Classic


Good Shoe
My grandson loves Crocs. I think this shoe is great quality for the price. They do run a little wide- but for my grandson that is just fine.
KarenHarper - Asheville, NC - Mar 03, 2015
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I've been hooked on Crocs for 10 years. They are so comfortable; especially since I have a problem with my left foot. I love the bright colors since I'm almost always wearing tie-dye. I would love to see more mixes of bright colors; maybe 3 or 4 colors in one clog. Thanks for making such great shoes!
RhondaRox - Nolensville, TN - Mar 01, 2015
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Love 'em!!
I was so happy to see this new style. I bought the pink. I accidentally wore them to a Working Women s Show last weekend. Meant to change them before leaving the house. They were so comfortable that when I was almost to the venue, I looked down and realized that I hadn't changed them. They were perfectly comfortable walking around on the cement flooring and my feet never got tired or sore. I will definitely buy more. I ask that you please, please add more fun colors to this line. The black and navy or OK but, I would love to see them in purple, red, bright blue, lime green, and any other fun color you can think of.
Debmeistertoo - Saint Peters, MO - Mar 01, 2015
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best cooking shoes I have ever had
I wanted to wait for a while before I reviewed these shoes as I have had a lot of cooks shoes that sounded great out of the box but did not live up to expectations in the long term. I purchased these in april of 2014 and it is now the end of february 2015. below are my observations. Overall they are comfortable but they do take some adjusting to , there is a small ridge that runs parallel to the base of your toes that will kind of be uncomfortable till your feet toughen up. but once broken in they are really super comfortable. the front of the shoes are made of a durable thick rubber that is spill proof and cleans easily, I just hose mine off every night after my shift and they look like new. they are very very durable , after 10 months at 40 hours a week they still look like new and the soles hardly show any signs of wear. the non slip surface of the soles is absolutely great and will stick tight to the greasiest and wettest floors however if you do not work on rubber mats they have a tendency to accumulate a thick layer of crud which can be very slippery when you hit a wet spot, I end up having to spray the soles clean at least one time a night, rubber mats seem to keep the crud scraped clean by comparison. overall for the price I feel that these are the bar none best cooks shoes I have EVER purchased all of the others fall apart after 4-6 months and are often much less comfortable to wear.
JeromeH - colorado - Feb 28, 2015



LOVE this shoe!!
These are my first pair of Crocs. I absolutely LOVE them!! I wear them every day...mostly around the house due to my tile floors that are very hard on my feet. The Crocs are helping to relieve foot pain that I have endured for a long time. I'm positive that I will buy more pairs!!
JoannS - Orlando, FL - Feb 26, 2015
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