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crocs water

men's waterproof & water-resistant footwear

Waterproof & Water-Resistant Shoes For Men

Guys need casual comfort & style in any pair of water-resistant shoes that not only keep their feet dry, but keep them looking great too! Check out our water-friendly rain boots to keep your feet dry no matter the rainy weather. We've also got several different clogs without our Jibbitz holes or vents that do a great job in protecting your feet from spills & liquids in small amounts. If you're looking for water shoes that you can use on a float trip, at the beach, or in any other aquatic adventure, be sure to check out our water shoes page for the entire collection.

product reviews & ratings

My Rower Loves them!
Bought them as a replacement pair.....her UM Crocs somehow walked away all by themselves during a regatta. In any case they arrived, and she loved them! They are very comfortable, and durable. She is always out near the water and on the rocks with them on. They hold up nicely.....and she loves the design!
CeliaM - Miami, Florida - Mar 03, 2015
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best cooking shoes I have ever had
I wanted to wait for a while before I reviewed these shoes as I have had a lot of cooks shoes that sounded great out of the box but did not live up to expectations in the long term. I purchased these in april of 2014 and it is now the end of february 2015. below are my observations. Overall they are comfortable but they do take some adjusting to , there is a small ridge that runs parallel to the base of your toes that will kind of be uncomfortable till your feet toughen up. but once broken in they are really super comfortable. the front of the shoes are made of a durable thick rubber that is spill proof and cleans easily, I just hose mine off every night after my shift and they look like new. they are very very durable , after 10 months at 40 hours a week they still look like new and the soles hardly show any signs of wear. the non slip surface of the soles is absolutely great and will stick tight to the greasiest and wettest floors however if you do not work on rubber mats they have a tendency to accumulate a thick layer of crud which can be very slippery when you hit a wet spot, I end up having to spray the soles clean at least one time a night, rubber mats seem to keep the crud scraped clean by comparison. overall for the price I feel that these are the bar none best cooks shoes I have EVER purchased all of the others fall apart after 4-6 months and are often much less comfortable to wear.
JeromeH - colorado - Feb 28, 2015
My winter Crocs :0)
Couldn't decide if these were four star worthy or not, but since I couldn't get by in the winter without them for sure. While they don't provide quite as much support as the Duet Sport Clog (my favorite by far) they are still very comfortable
Richy - Denver, CO - Feb 26, 2015
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One of my all-time favorites
I have a very wide foot, which is why I primarily wear Crocs. For me, the only fit that works is the "Roomy Fit". I love the Specialist and have pairs located at each of our home’s exterior doors, in the garage, and stored in the RV. The Specialist is very comfortable and, with the high heel back, no vent holes, and rugged construction, is ideally suited for dirt, gravel, mud, and foul weather. Some complain that the Specialist is hot and makes their feet sweat. Hello? The clog is made of impermeable synthetic and doesn’t have any vent holes. That’s what contributes to the clogs excellent attributes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the trade-offs. Anyway, what I’d really like to see is Crocs make a Specialist Lined version - still in genuine “Roomy Fit”.
RockyMountainKid - Feb 24, 2015
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Will be saving these for warmer days, special occasions. I was born in NYC, so love the skyline on them. They are a conversation starter. I am known for my Crocs.
Littleshower - Tulsa OK - Feb 23, 2015
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Chawaii Flip


Best pair of thongs affordable thongs!
Definitely the best pair of thongs I have ever owned, and they're comfy! I got the black pair and they look great even for moments that are more formal! I bought them in store and I ended up getting a bigger size than I expected. My feet are SUEPR wide as well and they still fit perfectly.
Shippy - Brisbane - Feb 19, 2015