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crocs winter

warm winter slippers, clogs, & shoes for men

Crocs™ Winter Shoes For Men

Guys need casual comfort that lasts them all year long. When it comes to warmth and protection from the Winter elements, Crocs™ has got you covered. Choose from a variety of styles including men's snow boots, men's fur-lined slippers, men's furry clogs, and more! Winters don't have to be so arduous and painful. With a pair of Crocs cold weather shoes, your feet will get more enjoyment out of the season. Explore the entire collection today!

product reviews & ratings

Blitzen II Clog Review
I loved my old crocs, but wished I could clean the liner. Now I can! I think it's wonderful.
Christina - Clinton, WA,Clinton, WA - Jun 26, 2015
Lined Clog Review, dark green, black fuz
I love these in the winter, although they get a little worn on the bottom and they get slippery when walking outside.
Mike - Indianapolis, In. - Jun 19, 2015
Baya Heathered Lined Clog Review
The most comfortable thing I ever put on my foot
John N - Mahopac, NY - Jun 18, 2015
Blitzen II Clog Review
My wife had one pair of these and loved them . She wanted a pair for our trailer up north
Fred - West Allis, WI - Jun 18, 2015
Great Croc
I just purchased these Crocs and because it is summer here in New England I haven't worn them yet. However, they fit wonderfully and I'm really looking forward to wearing them in the fall, winter and early spring. These Crocs will get a lot of use, for sure.
Karen - Enfield, CT - Jun 16, 2015

Santa Cruz Rx
(70 reviews)

sale $49.99 $59.99

santa cruz rx
I love the shoes. The problem I have is that I need a half size. 8 is a little small and 9 is too big. It took 2 weeks to get these, because the wrong zip code was put on the address. Crocs is a great company to work with, however, and you can be sure, if there is a problem, they will be there to solve it for you. I will certainly order from them again.
Mel - Summerfield, FL,Summerfield, FL - Jun 16, 2015