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crocs sandals

slide sandals

Slide Sandals From Crocs™

The most comfortable slides you can find, the crocs sandal slides are great for the whole family. Crocs was born on the creation of slip-on and slip-off footwear and we’ve improved even more with our slide sandals. Now in a variety of colors and styles, you’ll easily find a shoe that’s just right for you. Slides get their name for a single reason – they’re easy to put on and take off. This is something that is huge for parents since it’s often difficult to get kids into their slide sandals. Think of Crocs when you’re looking for easy and fun-filled footwear, including in the form of slides!

product reviews & ratings

Cleo Review
My favorite shoes!!!! Just ordered a replacement pair for the one that I have worn for years! And, my daughter likes my shoes so much that I got her a pair too.
Susan - Dallas, PA - Jul 05, 2015
Patricia Review,Patricia Review
Love my white Patricia crocs. Just received them. My I suggest a true red and a raspberry color next.
Anne,Anne - Cincinnati, OH,Cincinnati, OH - Jul 05, 2015

Cleo II
(260 reviews)

sale $19.99 $29.99

Just What I Expected
I had been wanting this croc but it was always sold out in my size. I love them.
Alice,Alice - Bronx, NY,Bronx, NY - Jul 05, 2015
Baya Slide Review,Baya Slide Review
Nice product
Ahmed,Ahmed - Ann Arbor, MI,Ann Arbor, MI - Jul 04, 2015
Great shoe
I really love these shoes! Although, they aren't very "girlie"they are very comfortable with great arch support. These are awesome shoes. Very casual and sporty looking. Can't say enough about these shoes.
Sheila - Clinton, PA,Clinton, PA - Jul 04, 2015
Rhonda Wedge Review-Great Value
I have been told by others that Crocs are very comfortable, but my feet don't always like the shoes I pick out for them. It turns out, my friends are right! These sandals are comfy and look great, dressy enough for the office and sturdy enough for running errands or working around the yard. They feel true to size, as well. I may even order another pair in a different color. This will be my go-to pair of sandals for the summer. Thanks, crocs!
Joan - Downsville, WI - Jul 04, 2015