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comfortable sandals for women

Women’s Flip-Flops & Sandals From Crocs™

Casual comfort. It’s what you know and love from Crocs – and what you expect from your favorite women’s flip flops. We’ve combined the two to offer a variety of women’s flip-flop styles to hug your feet in cool, breezy, stylish comfort – in any season.

Hit the beach or stroll the garden in easy slip-on flip-flops for women that are water-friendly and easy to clean. Kick back in colorful flip-flops –whether relaxing at home or basking in the sun. Increase relief with athletic flip-flops for after the big game (or big work day). And step into style with strappy, suede flip-flops from Ocean Minded by Crocs™.

Women love the sandals from Crocs not only for their unmatchable comfort, but for the wide selection of colorful & fashionable styles to choose from. Here at Crocs, we know it's not just about style, your feet have to feel comfortable too! Wear your pair of Crocs sandals as beach shoes for women, pool shoes, or shoes for out on the town. Be sure to check out all of the different styles to choose from including women's platform sandals, wedges, women's chic gladiator sandals, and more!

product reviews & ratings

(510 reviews)

A$39.99 to A$59.99

Patricia Review,Patricia Review
Super support for my arches!!
Julia - Crawfordsville, AR - Jul 30, 2015
cleo ii
great sandals, I ordered one in a 7 and one in a 6 because I really wanted a 6 1/2...the 7 is a little big
Kathe - San Diego, CA - Jul 30, 2015

(510 reviews)

A$39.99 to A$59.99

Patricia Review
As someone who suffers from painful feet, these are extremely comfortable and allow me to walk long distances without pain. The strap over the instep is high enough that your toes do not have to grip the sandal to keep it from falling off your foot allowing for total comfort while walking. The soft sole and slight wedge cushion the heel beautifully. They are as comfortable as my sneakers with orthodic inserts.
Deborah - Oak Park, CA - Jul 29, 2015
Cleo Review
I have worn the Cleo Sandal for the last few years and find them to be very comfortable. I was so happy to see I was still able to order this particular sandal!!
Cheryl - Anna, OH - Jul 29, 2015

(510 reviews)

A$39.99 to A$59.99

Favorite style of Crocs
These is my favorite style of Crocs! Always my go-to pair. Great for summer travel! Easy on the feet and stylish, too. Love 'em!
Ann - Torrance, CA, - Jul 29, 2015
So Completely Comfortable
My sandal or flip flop size ranges with the I typically try a couple different sizes in the store. Foot size is an 8 but the 7 in this sandal fits perfectly. My foot would have slid with the 8. I absolutely LOVE this shoe and highly recommend.
Dink - Richmond, Va - Jul 29, 2015
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  • Very comfortable
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  • Very durable