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Crocs Slip-Ons

Slip into a pair of Crocs slip-on shoes for quick and long-lasting comfort. Dress up with our leather slip-on shoes or dress down with a pair of slip-on sneakers. You'll find slip-ons in all kinds of colors and styles to fit with any lifestyle. Whether you're looking for a slip-on shoe for the beach or a slip-on shoe for out on the town, we've got just what you're looking for!

product reviews & ratings

Chawaii Flip


Love these! Comfy!
These flip flops are great! I got the black and white ones on sale and they are my first croc flops so didn't know what to expect but i love them! I wear a size 8 and a half usually and got an 8 as recommended and they fit perfectly. They are light as a feather on my feet and stay on really well when you walk. They are super easy to clean, just rinse or wipe off! They have tiny little nobby bumps on them that you feel as you walk that i think feel so good against the bottom of my feet, a little massage as i walk. These are totally worth the money, they will last a long time i can tell and stay clean since you can just wipe them down. Highly recommend.
Ziggydog00 - Baltimore, MD - Mar 31, 2015
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SUPER Comfortable!
For boating, beach bumming, or anything around water, these cannot be beat! ULTRA SUPER comfortable, and great even for long walks (boat shows especially!) I've had these shoes before and wore them almost exclusively for 2 years before they finally died on me, which was actually more my fault than the shoes, so I could have squeezed a few more months from them had I been careful. In general, these things can really take a lot of abuse, and they hold up like no other shoe I've ever seen. I would HIGHLY recommend them for anyone looking for a comfortable flip-flop that will hold up well in just about any conditions. HOWEVER, the color leaves a LOT to be desired because it is definitely NOT "black" or "charcoal" as is just a plain and simple GREY colored shoe that happens to have a black (yet awesome) cushy insole. I was pretty upset about the color when I got them because I specifically bought them as "black" flips, but the incredible comfort more than made up for the misleading color that they advertise.
RobF - South Florida - Mar 31, 2015
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Finally slimmer Crocs!
I bought a pair of the freesail clog in candy pink because it fits my narrow feet! They will be perfect to take to the beach and also to wear in the yard. I wish they were available in lime green!!! I would definitely buy another pair!
NTexas - Texas - Mar 31, 2015
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Blitzen II Clog

sale $39.99 $49.99

Great shoe
These are very comfortable and a great house slipper
DamianB - Ashburn, VA - Mar 31, 2015

Blitzen II Clog

sale $39.99 $49.99

Great for my muddy chores
I bought these clogs because they have better size options and a better price than those $90 "duck shoes". I have been looking for a reasonably priced pair of waterproof slip-ons I can wear when doing chores in spring and fall mud times that aren't wet enough for full boots. I ordered a men's size because I have foot issues that require a wide toe box and they ended up being the perfect width. Wearing these clogs is like wearing waterproof slippers with lots of support! I will agree with another reviewer who said they're great for mud but not for rain because, for some reason, my heels got damp when it was raining. The mud wipes off easily so you don't track it in the house, and a another selling point is that the lining and ruff come out as one piece for washing. They have good traction, too. These are a great alternative to those stiff uncomfortable duck shoes and at much better price.
JeanetteS - rural N Idaho - Mar 31, 2015
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Women’s Mammoth Flat

sale $19.99 $39.99

Mammoth Flats
I am so pleased with my new Mammoth Flat shoes. I bought the black ones and the brown ones. They are comfortable and so light. Both pairs arrived in great condition and on time.
Squashbug - Missouri - Mar 31, 2015
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