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crocs fuzz

toasty faux fur-lined boots

Crocs Faux Fur-Lined Boots

When you think of faux fur-lined boots, you think of cozy comfort intended to keep your feet warm all day long. Crocs has improved on this comfort & added a fashion-forward twist to several different winter boot styles. Furry footwear provides superior warmth, something we all need throughout the winter! Give Crocs faux fur-lined boots a try and feel the difference!

product reviews & ratings

Blitzen II Clog

sale $39.99 $49.99

Surprised how much I like them
Between work and home, I spend very long hours in kitchens with hard floors. My ankles would hurt so much that found it difficult to walk at night. My husband suggested I try a pair of crocs after he purchased a pair for himself and loved their comfort. I chose The Blitzen II clog because they are more solid than some of the other options. When they came, I was initially disappointed that they weren't as "cushy" as my husband's crocs. Then I wore them for a ten hour stint in the kitchen. I was so pleased at the support they provided. My ankles are feeling much better and I love that the liner can be removed to be cleaned. They might not ever win a style award, but I love the way I feel after a long day.
JLumbo - Chicago, IL - Feb 27, 2015
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Blitzen II Clog

sale $39.99 $49.99

Blitzen 11 clog
The first pair of Crocs I bought were Polar Blitzen and I loved them. Since then I have purchased 3 more pair of Crocs. Another Blitzen and 2 Baja's. I have not been disappointed with any of them. They are comfortable, durable and warm. I would recommend them to anyone who needs comfortable shoes. I have also noticed that the web site have the best selection and price. Their clearance items are an excellent value....
SondraW - Southwest Missouri - Feb 26, 2015

Women’s AllCast Luxe Duck Boot

sale $109.99 $124.99

I can't believe these are Crocs!!!
I don't know how I stumbled across these Luxe boots when looking for Sorel's on Pinterest, but I'm so glad that I did. I needed a good, cute snow boot for midwest winters. These were the answer. These boots are as cute as a Sorel and as comfortable as a running shoe. Plus, these are a great deal under $100!
ElizabethL123456789 - Omaha, NE - Feb 26, 2015
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Women’s AllCast Luxe Duck Boot

sale $109.99 $124.99

Great Boots!!
I bought these a little late in the season, but they have already proven to be a great buy! I commute quite a bit, and these have not only kept my feet completely dry, but also very warm. They are super cute, comfortable and surprisingly light weight. The sizing is tricky, I am generally a 7
heathererica - Rutherford, NJ - Feb 26, 2015

Baya Heathered Lined Clog

sale $32.99 $44.99

Perfect for Pet Owners!
Having numerous dogs that have to be taken out these shoes were perfect for my husband (I already had some!). He liked them so much we bought some for my brother and father-in-law! Always saw CROCS around, but, after Christmas I tried them out at the insistence of my daughter...we've bought 9 pair in the past three months!
BAMAPAT - San Antonio TX - Feb 25, 2015
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Some of the best winter boots I've ever purchased
I've been wearing these boots throughout this crazy, Boston winter we've been having. These are some of my favorite winter boots I've ever purchased. I was logging in to get another pair, but I'm sad to see they are out! What I like: - They are warm, but also lightweight. I feel like I'm just wearing a pair of slightly warmer high-tops all day. Not heavy boots. - They are super cute. Warm, but not so bulky that I can't wear them around the office all day. - Looks good with skirts and skinny jeans. - TOTALLY WATERPROOF. I have spent 20 hours total this winter shoveling snow. Not one drop of moisture in my boots. Which means happy, warm winter feet. - Very comfortable. I wear them all day. - They seem really sturdy. I've been wearing these boots every day, and they look good as new. - Easy clean up. Just wipe off with a cloth. (I am a past Ugg-wearer. Never again). Cons: - My only complaint is that the boot shaft was initially a little stiff, so was a little uncomfortable during the first two wearings. Now, they fit me like a glove.
JoannaK - Cambridge, MA - Feb 24, 2015
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