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crocs sandals

slide sandals

Slide Sandals From Crocs™

The most comfortable slides you can find, the crocs sandal slides are great for the whole family. Crocs was born on the creation of slip-on and slip-off footwear and we’ve improved even more with our slide sandals. Now in a variety of colors and styles, you’ll easily find a shoe that’s just right for you. Slides get their name for a single reason – they’re easy to put on and take off. This is something that is huge for parents since it’s often difficult to get kids into their slide sandals. Think of Crocs when you’re looking for easy and fun-filled footwear, including in the form of slides!

product reviews & ratings

New Favorite
I wear nothing but crocs (on my feet) and as a 67-year old who walks on tile floors all day, I found Crocs keep my legs and joints from hurting! The fit is lovely but I do have to bring out the cream for the heels from time to time, guess the material doesn't retain the moisture in the skin, but I'm perfectly happy with using the cream if I can keep my Crocs! So happy they come in so many fun and stylish colors and styles! How about more ORANGE? thanks, m.m.
minimary - New Mexico - Jul 27, 2015

Yukon Slide
(82 reviews)

sale $34.99 $44.99

Yukon Slide Review,Yukon Slide Review
Best purchase ever! I bought 1 pair for my dad and he really love them. Now I ordered 2 more for him. They are comfortable and fit perfectly.
Vivian - FL - Jul 27, 2015
Lorrie,Lorrie - Thomasville, NC,Thomasville, NC - Jul 27, 2015
Women's Rhonda Wedge Review
True to size. I think I will wear these a lot. Still working on breaking them in though.
Leona - Elko, NV - Jul 27, 2015
Patricia Review
Very comfortable, I love it
Basma - Edison, NJ - Jul 27, 2015

MODI 2.0 Slide
(80 reviews)

sale $29.99 $34.99

MODI 2.0 Slide Review
This was my first Croc, just over a year ago. It is my to go shoe to work outside, my "just running to the grocery store" slip on, it's my summer slipper. It's my second pair, in a different color. When you have a favorite shoe, it's best to have more than one pair!
Bettye - Dittmer, MO - Jul 27, 2015