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  • Color

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  • Price

    • $30.00 - $49.99
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  • Fit

    • Roomy
  • Use

    • Outdoors
    • Snow & Rain
  • Style

    • Boots

crocs boots

comfortable high boots & tall boots

Crocs High Boots

Crocs™ high boots are just that - high enough if you're looking to keep water, dirt, and more away from your legs and low enough to not restrain your knew while you walk. Stick with a traditional leather boot style, or try a pair of our colorful snow boots. We've got just the high boot for you!

product reviews & ratings

Pretty color
I got these boots in a size 9 in the raspberry color. I ordered the same size I take in the traditional crocs and they fit nicely. The length is great but I have a narrow foot, so when I walk my heel slips out a little bit...nothing that a thick pair of socks doesn't fix! The raspberry color is better than I had expected. It is a fun hot pink--not obnoxiously bright though. The pool blue is just as awesome in person too. Wonderful boots to kick around in as they spray off easily. I highly recommend these rain boots!
Emmsy - Fort Wayne, IN - Aug 02, 2015
so cute but.....
I love the design and comfort of this boot! Had to return it since it doesn't fit my wide calves. You would think wiith the wide opening and the ability to change move the notches it would still fit.. but it doesn't! My calves aren't unreasonably wide but I"m 5'4'' and the top of the boot sits right at the base of my calves. I don't think these will strech out. Too bad for me.
Tanitah,Tanitah - Granada Hills, CA,Granada Hills, CA - Jul 31, 2015
Very light!
I purchased these for my wife because she wanted some rain boots that would be light weight and comfortable. I expected them to be light weight, but I was shocked at just how light they are. They seem like they would be comfortable to wear all day long. The only reason I am giving a 4 star rating instead of a 5 star rating is because the top of the boot is fairy narrow and fits tightly around my wife's calf. So tight she would not be able to tuck her pants into them if she wanted to. Although the top of the boot appears to be adjustable in the pictures, it is not. This may not be an issue for women with very thin calves, but just be aware of this. The foot portion of the boot fits her well and is true to standard sizing. Overall, a very good product for the price.
Aaron - Burgaw, NC - Jul 28, 2015
great boot!
I wish my legs weren't so fat!!
Jo Lynn,Jo Lynn - Fresno, CA,Fresno, CA - Jul 20, 2015
Crocband Jaunt Women's Review
I bought these boots to wear while push mowing & shoveling "doots" in my yard. I spray them with a little fire ant killer and have no worries of ant attacks while I'm mowing or shoveling. :-) I wear heavy socks in them so they are fairly comfortable. I love these little boots!!! Looking forward to wearing them in the rain & puddles while playing with my dogs who love water!
Sara, Labrador Retriever Mama - Mobile, AL - Jul 20, 2015
Crocband Jaunt Women's Review
Love it !! the size is a little bigger!
Andre - Miami, FL - Jul 17, 2015