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Gardening Clogs & Shoes For Men

Tend to your garden in style with gardening clogs from Crocs! Our ultra comfortable gardening shoes are easy to clean and super light-weight so they don't get in your way when gardening. Why settle for a cheap pair of clogs when you can get the original men's gardening clogs from Crocs? With Crocs gardening shoes for men, you don't have to feel embarrassed about what you're wearing - you can be stylish and functional at the same time!

product reviews & ratings

Bistro Review
Very comfortable & roomy! If you have flat feet as I do, this Croc is an excellent choice! I've been spending a lot of time working in the yard and I tend to get quite dirty when digging dirt. When I'm done working, I can simply hose my Crocs and let them dry in the sun...I live in SC, with Summer temps of the 90's & triple digits ONLY leave your Crocs outside enough time to dry...too long (all day) sitting in the Sun tends to shrink my Crocs. Again my Crocs tend to get quite dirty, at times I use a scrub brush & Clorox Clean Up to make them appear new again...Also Mr Clean Magic Eraser is a great to clean Crocs with the white bands around the base.
Peter - Darlington, SC - Jul 27, 2015
Perfect size, perfect fit, light weight. I always wanted CROCS and I finally got some!!! PERFECT!!
Larry - Oklahoma City, OK,Oklahoma City, OK - Jul 27, 2015
Love my Crocs
I work in an airport and walk 10 or miles per day. These are the most comfortable shoes in my work wardrobe. Will be ordering these again, as well as other styles, in the future.
Sheri,Sheri - Tulsa, OK,Tulsa, OK - Jul 27, 2015
Bistro crocs.
Love the skid-proof bottoms, they were just what I was looking for.
Mary - Union City, NJ - Jul 27, 2015

Yukon Slide
(93 reviews)

sale $34.99 $44.99

Yukon Slide Review,Yukon Slide Review
Best purchase ever! I bought 1 pair for my dad and he really love them. Now I ordered 2 more for him. They are comfortable and fit perfectly.
Vivian - FL - Jul 27, 2015
Love Them
I've had Crocs before, but specifically wanted to kick it up and got them in red. Of course they're comfortable and I absolutely love to wear them. Thanks!
Lydia,Lydia - Royal Oak, MI,Royal Oak, MI - Jul 27, 2015