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crocs beach shoes - men

mens beach shoes

Beach Shoes For Men

Crocs beach shoes for men are ideal if you're looking for a comfortable, yet functional pair of shoes that will keep up with you at the beach. Many of our beach shoes double as water shoes for guys in case you'd like some additional foot protection from the aquatic elements. Don't forget about tons of our cool men's sandals including our Ocean Minded™ surf-inspired beach shoes styles that will keep you looking cool. Don't go to the beach unprepared, get yourself a pair of men's beach shoes from Crocs and enjoy the beach in style.

product reviews & ratings



LOVE this shoe!!
These are my first pair of Crocs. I absolutely LOVE them!! I wear them every day...mostly around the house due to my tile floors that are very hard on my feet. The Crocs are helping to relieve foot pain that I have endured for a long time. I'm positive that I will buy more pairs!!
JoannS - Orlando, FL - Feb 26, 2015
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I love Crocs clogs! Having osteoarthritis in my feet means I can't wear many shoes. These are affordable, don't hurt my feet, and are so comfy. When they get dirty I just throw them in the washer and bleach them. My only frustration is the women's colors aren't as fun as the kids colors. I'd love to have neon, pastels, and sparkly clogs. I've found fun colors on Ebay but they are few and far between.
ForeverYoungGlitterGirl - Villa Park, IL - Feb 25, 2015
stretch sole
had to try it and it is a good shoe. runs a little small.too expensive tho to get anymore
RodgerM - frisco texas - Feb 25, 2015
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Yukon Sport

sale $44.99 $54.99

One of my favorites, though they run small
I have a very wide foot, which is why I primarily wear Crocs. For me, the only fit that works is the "Roomy Fit". I really like the Yukon Sport and find it to be an overall classy-looking, comfortable, and durable clog. One caveat is, when I bought mine, they were running small. In the unlined Crocs, I generally wear an M9; however, I had to go to the M10 with the Yukon Sport. I don’t know if that’s still the case. My only other caveat is the Yukon Sport is best worn with socks, as the stitching that attaches the leather upper can rub into bare feet.
RockyMountainKid - Feb 24, 2015
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Chawaii Flip

$9.99 to $19.99

Best pair of thongs affordable thongs!
Definitely the best pair of thongs I have ever owned, and they're comfy! I got the black pair and they look great even for moments that are more formal! I bought them in store and I ended up getting a bigger size than I expected. My feet are SUEPR wide as well and they still fit perfectly.
Shippy - Brisbane - Feb 19, 2015
These are the most amazing shoes I have ever had. I have no cartilage in my toes and usually wearing shoes causes pain with every step I take, these shoes are so light and supportive that I no longer have to take anti-inflammatory pills every morning to walk without pain. I have this style in 3 different colors so they match any outfit I have on and want to buy even more colors, I totally recommend these shoes to anyone with foot problems
Tjcohio - Canfield, ohio - Feb 19, 2015